crupto bookmakers

When choosing an offshore bookmaker, first of all, you need to pay attention to its reliability and feedback from the betting community. The experience of other players will help you avoid their mistakes when betting in cryptocurrency. When conducting an analysis, do not be lazy and “scrawl” the Internet more deeply, find not only top forums, but also less well-known ones.

We offer a number of fundamental tips when choosing a bookmaker for betting in cryptocurrency. Do not neglect such advice – and you will not have problems.

Legitimacy and security

The safety and reliability of a bookmaker is the main criterion for any bettor when choosing an office. Reviews on the forums and comparing them with each other will help you determine the degree of competence of a particular bookmaker. Also pay special attention to the functionality of the bookmaker’s support service – you can check it with several security questions even before registration. Well-coordinated support work is a sign of a reliable crypto-bookmaker.

Another important factor when choosing a bookmaker for betting in crypto is whether you can bet in bitcoins from your country of residence. Let’s say that US residents can be recommended some resources that accept bets from citizens of this state. Other sites are more suitable for residents of Europe or the CIS countries.

Available cryptocurrencies

Today, about 1% of sports betting in the world is made in cryptocurrencies. Of this amount, approximately 80% is occupied by the share of bets in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin – these are the three most trending and popular cryptocurrencies, the main guides of this market. Taking into account the fact that the cryptocurrency has not such a long history, this indicator can be considered rather big. Experts are sure that in the future the share of sports betting in crypto will only grow. Therefore, when choosing a bookmaker, you need to consider how many digital currencies it offers for financial transactions.

An interesting fact is that the use of cryptocurrency is not allowed in all countries. Therefore, think and study the issue before using this payment method and what it can threaten.

Exchange rates

Just finding a bookmaker with a large number of cryptocurrencies is not enough. It is important to understand what exchange rate the bookmaker offers, what exchange service it works with. Only after studying this information will it be profitable and convenient for you to replenish your balances and receive payments from bookmakers.

To monitor the current rate of cryptocurrencies for today, you can use special sites. Many services have been developed specifically for the convenient selection of a suitable exchange office. Some bookmakers also offer their customers to purchase bitcoin through internal services – in this case, the exchange rate is offered by the office itself.


The commission for replenishing an account in cryptocurrencies depends on the specific bookmaker and the service with which it works. However, most of the leading bookmakers in the world allow you to make a deposit without a commission – the giants of the market can afford it.

At the same time, bettors should understand that they will have to pay a fee for transferring money to bitcoins and vice versa. In addition, there may be a commission for withdrawing funds, even if you started it without interest. For example, in one of the largest offices, you will have to pay 12 euros for one transaction. It is better to find out financial conditions in other offices in advance in the support service or in the company’s rules.